Easy Returns & Free Shipping on orders $50+

Easy Returns

We offer a true no-hassle return policy for all purchases made on www.topblinds.com. We supply the UPS shipping label with every purchase. 

Refund Policy

We allow returns for any reason within 90 days of the receipt of your product.

If your product arrives damaged, has functional problems or is a different size than you ordered, you can use the label we provide to ship the product back. At your discretion we will either replace it or refund all you money (including shipping).

If you simply don’t like your product, simply use the label we provided to ship the product back in like-new condition. We will refund the purchase price of your product minus a modest $5 per unit for return shipping.


*Please note that purchases through websites other than www.topblinds.com may have different return policies. Please check with that website and store to understand the specific return policy.

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